At last, a simple and easy-to-install monitoring solution!

Performance of photovoltaic installations is measured without installing a probe!

Firewall, cables, WIFI, router, …

Just two wires to connect and 10 minutes for a single-phase installation. Our products are self-powered by the electrical network. “Cherry on the cake”, there is nothing for you to parameterise, everything is ready...

Rbee Solar automatically calculates the irradiation received by the panels from satellite images. All you have to do is to tell us the orientation and slope of the panels...

Forget Internet connection problems with Rbee Solar! All our products have a built-in connection thanks to their GSM/GPRS modem. You don’t even have to manage your SIM cards, MyLight Systems does it for you...

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SMA, Fronius, Kaco, …

Want to be alerted in the event of a fault ?

Rbee Solar is a web application (Web App).

Don’t complicate your life with solutions which do not work with all makes of inverters! Rbee Solar is compatible with all photovoltaic installations. How? Our equipment is an electricity meter, quite simply!

Naturally... Rbee Solar sends you an email if a photovoltaic installation is operating below its optimum performance level, or worse … if it is no longer producing at all!

You can incorporate it in 2 minutes in your company’s web site and personalise the whole of the application. Don’t worry...There is no software to install or server to manage.

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Rbee Solar Smart

New Rbee Solar Smart, the household’s electricity report!

All the advantages of the Rbee Solar solution, control of consumption as well... The Smart option makes it possible to monitor the household’s electricity consumption from our web application (Cloud). Get Smart...
Rbee Solar Smart

Go beyond PV monitoring...

The monitoring of photovoltaic installations is essential, we know that. Producing clean energy is one thing, but who knows today when and how much electricity their household consumes? The Smart option enables you to go further. Be in control of your electricity consumption.
Rbee Solar Smart

Electricity consumption monitoring for all

Identify sources of savings for controlled use of electrical energy. With Rbee Solar Smart, you can monitor general electricity consumption but also the detail of a key item like electric heating or a heat pump.
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Rbee Solar

Photovoltaic monitoring

Rbee Solar is a solution intended for photovoltaic panel installers, enabling them to remotely control the proper operation of their installations. Very simple to start, Rbee Solar is perfectly suitable for the residential and commercial market.

Join our thousands of users and do not leave your installations or your customers’ installations unsupervised any longer!


Rbee Solar is intended for installers. It enables them to monitor all of their installations.

The end user also has unique access to his installation...

Our solution is fully packaged!

Rbee Solar products are delivered with everything you need...

The installer is at the heart of our monitoring solution.

You can fully personalise your web application...

Want to test the solution?

Request a demonstration access and you will receive all the information by email....

Customer testimonials

What our customers think of us...

At MyLight Systems, we attach great importance to your user experience and to your comments!
Our engineers are continuously developing our monitoring solution to enhance its functionalities... You will love monitoring your installations!

SolarShire & Testimonial
We have used MyLight Systems's EDMI meters on many of our Solar PV installations. SolarShire's clients find the ability to view the performance of their PV system via the internet convenient and reassuring. As a company we are able to differentiate ourselves by offering monitoring as standard and for our large installations this forms an important part of our operation and maintenance package.
Kind regards Andy
Andy Sanderson
Eternegi Limited & Testimonial
We have had great feed-back from our customers who installed the Rbee Solar Meters. They have been universally impressed by the ‘user-friendly’ interface and how easy the data is to understand. Knowing we are remotely monitoring their PV system has increased their level of confidence in Eternegi to deliver an excellent service. I have been particularly impressed by the professionalism and support we have received from the MyLight Systems Team who have always gone beyond the call of duty – thank you!
Andrew Bloore Director